Me & john

april 8th

I have lots of pictures from the April 8th show @ the Logan Square Auditorium in Chicago.

And for those of you who were there, the little message on the bottom of the set list may ring a bell.

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If you're gonna take these or use them for anything, I only ask that you credit them to me.

PS: xpostedbecauseican.

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Hey I'm new, Kristin and I live in florida. I saw straylight run back in june with ozma & rooney. I got to talk to Michelle for a while and my friend got John to give me a high five, but Shaun was talking to a lot of guys after the show and I was too nervous to go up to him, just cause I'm like that.

alright. I'm glad there's a community for Shaun, it seems like John always gets more of the focus. They're both great.
carol, myself and cait

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hi. i am new. my name is caitlin. i'm 17 and from orange county. someone told me to join this community, so i did. i met shaun at the knitting factory show back in december. i actually talked to him. and i asked him more about his like for Andrew W.K. if any of you saw straylight run on imx on fuse, you may know what i am talking about. anyone in here plan on seeing them at the chance on october 20th?
<3 caitlin

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wow it seems as if no one updates in here. So I am just going to say I love Shaun Cooper and I would def. love to fix up this LJ for... I'm sorry but an LJ for someone as lovley as Shaun Cooper should look quite pretty. ok yea thats all

add me if you would like.

ooh and I was also thinking that to get more people in here... I am going to go around to people that have Shaun Cooper or Straylihgt Run as an intrest and tell them to join this. Ok thats all